What is procedure of Vietnam visa extension?

1. Check visa status

Not every visa can be extended. That’s why we need to check your visa status first. If you cannot send us a copy of your visa, please provide us with the following informations:

·         Your nationality

·         Your type of visa: 01 month single/multiple, 03 month single/multiple

·         The latest date of your entry

·         The port of entry: Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh airport or land border

·         Duration of extension

If you used to get Vietnam visa extended before, it’s hardly to have second time visa extension.

2. Collect origin passport

After checking, we will inform whether your visa is extendable and the price for visa extension. If you decide to use our service, kindly let us know your address so that our staff could meet you in person to pick up the passport.

Note: We currently provide Vietnamese visa extension service at only 03 cities: Hanoi, Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh. If you are living in other provinces and cities, please find the travel agent nearby for assistance.

3. Get passport back and pay service fee

The average processing time for a visa extension application is 07 business days excluding Saturday and Sunday. Thus, it is highly recommended that you should apply for visa extension about 01 week before your authorized stay expires. If you wish to speed up the process, the additional cost will be required.

When the processing is completed, we will return the passport (with a new visa stamp) to you and you pay us the service fee then.

How much does it cost for Vietnam visa extension?

The service fee to extend Vietnam visa varies for each application. It depends on your nationality, port of your entry and duration of visa extension you select. Due to recent changes in immigration laws, the visa extension process is more involved. Accordingly, the cost is higher than before. If you wish to know the exact cost for your case, please send us your visa information for checking first.

Things should be noticed before you apply for Vietnam visa extension:

·         The maximum duration of extension is 3 months.

·         Your passport must remain at least 06 month validity and have 02 empty pages left for extension

·         We can help you with extension of Vietnam business visa and Vietnam tourist visa. If you are in possession of other types of visa, please have your visa extended through official agencies, government, business sponsor or contact with immigration office.